The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.

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Von Follies by Dita Von Teese // Valentine’s Day 2014 (x)

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Rose Leslie and Sibel Kekilli at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (x)

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We don’t know who we are until we’re connected to someone else. We’re just better human beings when we’re with the person we’re supposed to be with.

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He was never perfectly happy! Waiting for years for you to say “I love you, you’re the only one I want.”

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deep conversations with open minded people are my most favorite things ever

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Queer as Folk (All 83 Episodes)


I’ve seen some comments and asks on various qaf blogs about where to download/stream Queer as Folk. In an effort to be helpful and make this series available to people who have not yet found a way to experience the life ruining beauty of this show, I have compiled a list of streaming links for all 83 episodes of Queer as Folk. These videos are available for mobile viewing as well as downloading. Enjoy.


{1x01 & 1x02} {1x03} {1x04} {1x05} {1x06} {1x07} {1x08} {1x09} {1x10} {1x11} {1x12} {1x13} {1x14} {1x15} {1x16} {1x17} {1x18} {1x19} {1x20} {1x21} {1x22}
{2x01} {2x02} {2x03} {2x04} {2x05} {2x06} {2x07} {2x08} {2x09} {2x10} {2x11} {2x12} {2x13} {2x14} {2x15} {2x16} {2x17} {2x18} {2x19} {2x20}
{3x01} {3x02} {3x03} {3x04} {3x05} {3x06} {3x07} {3x08} {3x09} {3x10} {3x11} {3x12} {3x13} {3x14}
{4x01} {4x02} {4x03} {4x04} {4x05} {4x06} {4x07} {4x08} {4x09} {4x10} {4x11} {4x12} {4x13} {4x14}
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Derek Hale in Time of Death 

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